Prof Mihara was awarded BS, MS degrees and the Ph. D. by Tohoku University in 1980, 1982 and 1988, respectively. He belonged to graduate school of engineering of Tohoku University, Department of Materials Processing as research associate from 1984 to 1995 and associate professor from 1995 to 2007. In 2007, he moved to University of Toyama as professor of Dept. of Mechanical system, graduate school of Engineering and returned to Tohoku University in 2015. He is now a Department head of material science and engineering of Tohoku University and a vice president of JSNDI.

His major is materials evaluation, located in the interdisciplinary area of material engineering and fracture mechanics and measurement engineering. He will detect and sizing the defect including a crack in the structural material non-destructively using the ultrasonic method. Material strength evaluation and assurance of the structures will be applied combining fracture mechanics. Especially in the ultrasonic measurements, several new transducer and equipment have been developed. He also interest in new experimental and analytical acoustic fields investigation techniques for the improvement of the measurement. He is focused on acoustic imaging system, ultrasonic visualization, phased array system, non-linear ultrasound and so on.